Our Parade Floats for your Festival

Handmade for your festival. For the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, or Great Britain, we have the parade float for you. We can even get to Spain or Italy.

We are the company to help you with your parade and festival. There are few companies like us and you have come to the right address if you are looking for a parade float for your parade and festival. For any street parade and festival in your area, we have the solution and selection for you. Our floats are custom made to the highest safety standards in the business. Be it TÜV in Germany or RDW in the Netherlands. Festival Parade has the safest floats in the parade business.

We even have several floats to are designed for handicapped, with special spaces and designs that are made for everyone to have a wonderful street festival.

Our floats have been used during the holiday season of Christmas in many light parades or during Carnival and Mardi-Gras, which is the high season for our Parade Float Business. But during the rest of the year we are here for you as well, as there are many parade festivals in Europe that we can help our customers with. We are there to fulfill all your wishes for your specific street parade and festival. Located in the triangle of nations of Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, we have good access to all freeways to service you and have gone as far as the United Kingdom, Italy and South of France to rent or sell our floats. We are flexible to work with you and bring along a lot of experience to find a way to satisfy your needs, while being fully compliant with any government ordinances and safety regulations.

We love to hear from you. Send us your request and we will get back to you soon.