Rent a Parade Float for your Festival or Carnival

Today, we offer many different themes and designs, We can offer you a large choice with different pricing. If you ask us, we have a solution for you.

We have grown to an inventory of 55 different parade floats that are warehoused in our storage facilities all year round at Carnavalshal Parkstad in the Euregio of Limburg, the Netherlands.

“Disneyland” of Parade Floats

Our warehouse in the Euregio really looks like the Disneyland of Parade Floats. We have so many to choose from, with spectacular designs.

If you come to select a parade float, bring your kids. They will enjoy the sight of all our colorful paraadde floats. It is quite a sight and certainly unique in our business.

Many different purposes

The parade floats are rented for

  • parades in any town,
  • carnivals, prince float,
  • gay and pride parades,
  • indoor parades, flower parades,
  • summer parades,
  • Halloween parades or events,
  • Christmas parades,
  • wedding events,
  • night time spectacles,
  • city events and
  • corporate parties and events.

Yes, even smaller events like weddings and corporate events, we can service. Call us   at +31 43 455 1700, and we will give you all the details

Choice and Safety

Our floats are built following the toughest safety regulations in the European Union. Everything we do, has safety built-in. All the wheels and bottom covered to prevent accidents. That is the way we built them. That is the way they pass inspection. All the floats have built-in handles, safety-guards and anti-slip flooring to prevent festival dwellers and participants can fall down.

Please have a look at our selection by clicking on Our Floats.

We are certain that we have a is a parade float that is perfect for your parade.