For reservations, please contact us directly at +31 43 455 1700.

You can also email us at Please fill out the form below, so we can fulfill your request right away.

Rental Conditions

The parade floats can be rented right away from the Carnavalshal Parkstad facility.

  • The parade floats can be rented with transport and driver
  • The parade floats can be rented with transport, driver and sound system
  • The parade floats can be equipped with lighting for your evening and night parades
  • The parade floats can be transported to and from a parking lot for your convenience


We can offer the parade float all-inclusive, which means:

  • All parade transport
  • Music system with or without DJ
  • All candy needed for the parade


Pricing for the rental of the parade float are available upon request. The pricing depends on the following:

  1. Theme of the float
  2. Options
  • Transport and driver
  • Transport, driver, sound system, generator for electricity
  • Lighting and generator
  • Transport: distance to requested
  • Insurance costs of the parade float and its liabilities
  • Special requests for confetti and balloons
  • Candy bags for candy to throw out to the public
  • Handicapped spaces
  • Any other special requests you may have

We handle any special request  and will let you know if we can realize it for you as soon as possible.

Request Form

Please inform us about the following in the contact form:

  • Your location and address
  • The dates of your parade
  • How many people or participants will be on the parade float
  • How many adults, children, special needs for handicapped
  • Need for sound system, what kind of music?
  • Need for lighting for evening parades

Request Form

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